Horse Insurance

HorseYour pony or horse is probably one of your most valuable assets and just like your home or your your car it needs to be protected. It is always best to prepare for the worst, particularly bearing in mind the following facts about horse insurance:

  • Circa 25% of horse owners make a claim on the vets fee cover each year
  • The average vet’s fee insurance claim for horses exceeds £1,000
  • Most horse insurance claims are for lameness and 80% of the cost relates to diagnostics rather than actual treatment
  • Vet’s fees for horses and ponies are increasing at more than 10% each year
  • Vet’s fee claims often outstrip the value of the horse
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The increased level of claims and vet’s fees has resulted in pony and horse insurance premiums increasing significantly in recent years which is all the more reason why you should compare horse insurance quotes and ensure you get a cheap horse insurance quote that meets all of your needs.

Factors affecting your horse insurance premium can include:

  • The postcode where the horse is kept
  • The number of horses you want a quote for
  • The age of your horse
  • The type of use required for your horse e.g. eventing is more expensive than hacking
  • The purchase price of the horse (if not on loan or home bred)
  • The sum insured value of the horse
  • The level of excess you select i.e. the higher the excess the lower the insurance premium

With insurance companies taking differing views of the above factors when providing your pony or horse insurance quote, it makes sense to compare pony and horse insurance quotes.

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