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Buying a touring caravan can be a significant financial investment and it is important to ensure that you can compare touring caravan insurance quotes so that you can get the best price for the insurance cover you need.

Touring caravan insurance is a specialist class of insurance which most of the big brand insurance companies won't insure and we aim to help you compare touring caravan insurance quotes from leading insurance providers.

Many touring caravan insurance claims occur whilst the vehicle is on the road as a result of road accidents, high winds or uneven weight distribution within the touring caravan itself.

In addition, because the touring caravan is mobile and often left unoccupied for extended periods there is an increased risk of Theft of both the caravan and its contents.

How To Get Cheap Touring Caravan Insurance

If you are looking for cheap caravan insurance quotes then there are a number of ways you can save money on your caravan insurance:

  • A higher excess will save you money on your touring caravan insurance quote
  • Insurance companies offer cheap touring caravan insurance quotes where appropriate security systems are in place on the touring caravan e.g.
    • Hitch posts, "mule" anchoring devices etc
    • Alarms and tilt sensors
    • GPS tracking systems
  • Substantial discounts can be obtained on touring caravan insurance if it the touring caravan is stored on a CaSSOA registered storage facility and/or other secure facility
  • A touring caravan quote can also depend upon the type of caravan it is e.g. cheap touring caravan insurance is available for freedom micro or pop-top type caravans
  • If you have taken an advanced driving course you may also be able to get a discount on you touring caravan insurance quote
  • You can also receive a discount on your touring caravan insurance quote for more than one year's claim free caravanning
  • Finally, for newer caravans you may get a cheaper touring caravan insurance quote if you choose "Market Value" cover as opposed to "New For Old" cover
  • Many insurance companies will also offer cheap touring caravan insurance for trailer tents or folding caravans.