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Renew Your Policy

There are a number of ways to Renew your policy with MyInsurance:

Renew Online

In order to renew your policy online you will need to have had an online account set up.

If you have received a Renewal Invitation stating that you can renew online then click here to renew your policy.

You will be asked to enter your email address and password in order to access your renewal details and pay online.

Renew Over The Telephone

To renew your policy over the telephone and/or discuss your renewal details, please call our Renewals Team on: 01428 600009.

Automatic Renewal

We will always make several attempts to contact you by both email and the telephone prior to your renewal date in order to confirm details and renew your policy.

If for any reason we have not been able to speak to you and/or have not received confirmation from you that you do not wish to proceed with the renewal policy then, in order to protect your financial interests, we may automatically renew your policy provided we have:

  • valid and in date credit card details on record in order to pay the premium in full
  • valid bank details on record in order to renew a pre-existing instalment agreement

We will not renew any policies where we only hold debit card details on record and/or other payment details are no longer valid.

Please note that you should not assume that we will automatically renew any policy that you hold with us and should always contact us to ensure that your policy is renewed on the correct basis.